Lush & Efficient

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Lush & Efficient

Landscape Gardening in the Coachella Valley

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The Desert Gardening Difference
The Desert Gardening Difference

Ingredients of a Desert Garden
Landscaping for Climate Control
Grouping Plants by Sun & Water Need
Selecting and Buying Plants
Pruning by the Seasons
Planting Step by Step

Mulching to Save Water
Controlling Insect Pests
Preventing and Controlling Diseases
Weed Control
Month-by-Month Gardening Calendar for the Coachella Valley
Water-Efficient Irrigation
Water-Efficient Irrigation

Using Technology to Tell How Much and When to Water
Designing a Water-Efficient
Irrigation System
Irrigation System Components
Irrigation Guide for Landscape Plants

Daily Irrigation Schedule for Turfgrass
Installing Your Irrigation System
Retrofitting an Irrigation System
Maintaining and Troubleshooting
Your Irrigation System
Success with Desert Plants
Success with Desert Plants

Ground Covers

Cacti and Succulents
Ornamental Grasses
Landscapes & Special Gardens
Landscapes & Special Gardens

Planning Your Landscape
Landscaping Near Pools and Patios
Small Lawns for Landscapes
Container Gardening
Vegetable Gardens

Fruits—Trees and More
A Dry Creek for Your Landscape
Creating a Wildlife Habitat
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